If you feel stuck…

  • Stuck in anxiety
  • Stuck in unfulfilling relationships
  • Stuck in soul-sucking work
  • Stuck in a religion that no longer fits

... you’ve tried to change things yourself. You’ve tried quick fixes. Nothing has really worked. 

Here’s why: To create real change, you need to actually reprogram your habit energies and old belief systems. You need to reboot your whole life.

Connect to find out how to get unstuck and change your life… for real this time.

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Why are your manifestations not coming true?

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Hi, I’m Tara Greenway!

Intuitive coach, speaker, and master healer with over 15 years of experience. I’ve helped hundreds of clients and students make tangible changes in themselves, and in their lives—from relationships to work.

Do you want to transform your relationships or anxiety or financial abundance, but you're unsure how to jump over life's hurdles -- both internal and external? Watch this talk to get a glimpse of how you can finally manifest the love, peace and abundance you want... without faking positivity when you're just. Not. Feeling it.

"There are healers, and then there are people who have an ability to open themselves to the Divine in a way that lets a power work through them, in a way that is fluid, ego-free, and exactly right. Tara has that gift.”

PT | New York


If you're ready to get unstuck from anxiety, disconnected relationships with loved ones or the Divine, or unfulfilling work, it's time to make that happen!

Click below to see more on how to work with Tara 1:1, in a group setting, or book her for a specially-tailored transformational talk for your event.

Energy gets stuck in the body and shows up through symptoms like fatigue, chronic pain, and anxiety.

The great news is that you can unblock and redirect your energy through tools that address the mind and the body.

In that synergy, you can dissolve repetitive cycles and become the person you want to be—the person you’re meant to be.

In my work, we address the whole system through:

• EFT / Tapping
• ThetaHealing®
• Meditation
• Eden Energy Work

Are you ready to go beyond your old life and find a whole new way of being?

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