The Pain of Positive Thinking

You’ve see the memes and posts: Positive vibes only. I am not against positive thinking. I call it the Pain of Positive Thinking

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Manifesting and Miracles

My clients all have one thing in common: they seek to know how to take their lives from where they are to where they want to be. I bet you do too… but for real.

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How To Get What You Want in Life

So how do you get what you want in life? First you must know what you want. That may seem obvious, but most people only know what they DON’T want:  Turning all that on its head shows you what you DO want. It’s an important differentiation, because if you just keep thinking about what you…

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Your Subconscious Wish… (on Kacey’s Podcast – Shine On: The Health & Happiness Podcast)

Kacey meets with Tara Greenway of Beyond Your Belief to find out what limiting beliefs are. Ask your soul what it really wants….and do a little digging to find out how your subconscious may be holding you back.

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Begin Again

You don’t have to wait to begin again. You can do it now.

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If it weren’t for your ancestors’ courage and strength, they wouldn’t have survived and you wouldn’t be here. If it weren’t for their intelligence and cleverness, you wouldn’t have the life you have. They must have been determined because otherwise they wouldn’t have been able to thrive.

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