Light vs Dark

That’s how I looked at life for many years. It’s how most people look at life. A battle, a striving. The ring on my finger has the light and dark embracing, complementing, not opposing.

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Please God, give me the perspective of a joyful 7-year-old.

My girl intuitively let go of expectations and simply saw what was, with no judgment. Rocks. Huh. So she went from rocks to creativity and joy.

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Signs From the Universe

Signs from the Universe: do you believe in them?

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Why I sometimes secretly pretend to myself it’s my birthday, and what happens if you do…

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How Long Does It Take For Affirmations to Work?

Affirmations on their own can just show you the stark contrast between where you wish you were and where you really are. They can leave you stranded on your same old desert island looking at all you dream of, off on the horizon somewhere out there.

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Living in the Even Though

So many healers try to convince people to create their own reality by ignoring negative thoughts or emotions or people. And that sounds cool. But here’s the catch: most people I know can’t do that. Most people I know live in a world where their families have crises, their jobs are very demanding, they have…

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