Your Subconscious Wish… (on Kacey’s Podcast – Shine On: The Health & Happiness Podcast)

Kacey meets with Tara Greenway of Beyond Your Belief to find out what limiting beliefs are. Ask your soul what it really wants….and do a little digging to find out how your subconscious may be holding you back.

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Begin Again

You don’t have to wait to begin again. You can do it now.

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If it weren’t for your ancestors’ courage and strength, they wouldn’t have survived and you wouldn’t be here. If it weren’t for their intelligence and cleverness, you wouldn’t have the life you have. They must have been determined because otherwise they wouldn’t have been able to thrive.

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Top Four Ways You Hold Yourself Back in Your Career

Are you working like crazy in your career and getting sort of… nowhere? Or somewhere, but you’ve been stuck there for a while now? I bet you’ve thought of everything — website, training, marketing, networking — except your beliefs about your career.

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Light vs Dark

That’s how I looked at life for many years. It’s how most people look at life. A battle, a striving. The ring on my finger has the light and dark embracing, complementing, not opposing.

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Please God, give me the perspective of a joyful 7-year-old.

My girl intuitively let go of expectations and simply saw what was, with no judgment. Rocks. Huh. So she went from rocks to creativity and joy.

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