Manifesting and Miracles

December 9, 2022

My clients all have one thing in common: they seek to know how to take their lives from where they are to where they want to be. I bet you do too... but for real.

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My clients all have one thing in common: they seek to know how to take their lives from where they are to where they want to be. I bet you do too... but for real.

You don’t need one more person telling you to think positive or make a vision board. You need to know how to handle the hard stuff, how to cut through the chaos, how to rise above and go beyond. That’s real manifesting.

I don’t know anyone who has a dream then magically manifests it with no challenges in the middle somewhere. I do know people who have dreams that are dashed – by health issues, work issues, relationship issues. You know, life.

There’s no question life will present challenges. The only question is: how will you handle them? No, really, how? How will you stop whatever cycle that’s running on repeat in your life, and find your miracle?

Luckily, I can help you with that.

First of all, what even is a miracle? Often we think it’s our dream, the specific dream we have in the specific way we want that dream to show up, at the time we want it. And we get frustrated and furious when it doesn’t. That’s why we sometimes stop, and miss the real miracle.

A story for you: I desperately wanted another baby after we had our first beautiful child. Three miscarriages and a failed round of IVF later, I could have given up. I could have felt like a failure, like God had betrayed me, like I’d done something terribly wrong. Actually, I did feel all those ways.

And I didn’t deny it. I felt my feelings. I grieved. I did so much healing work around my beliefs about failing, betrayal, guilt, anger, all the feels. And I didn’t give up. I opened up. If my dream of having another baby had worked out in the way I’d so desperately wanted it to, we wouldn’t have our amazing girl, our second child, the joyful little soul we adopted the day she was born.

She’s a miracle, sure, but that’s not the miracle I’m referring to here. The miracle is that I got my baby, the one who was meant for me and me for her, AND I gained the virtues of hope, faith, and flexibility. Flexibility was not one of my strong suits. I did have faith, but mainly it was a rigid faith in how I wanted things to turn out. (Sound familiar?) I had a lot to learn about faith in the Universe, and about living my life without blame or resentment – toward myself, God, or other people.

So don’t miss the miracle. Don’t miss how the Universe may have a different plan than yours, a bigger plan. A plan that may take longer, but is so much deeper and higher and shinier than the little plan you’re holding so tightly in your grasp, like a crumpled old map to a place that doesn’t exist. Stop staring at that old map. Look up. Look out. Leap.

And please don’t try to bury your feelings under your vision board and your positive memes. If you refuse to feel your feelings, because you’re judging them as too unspiritual, too big, too painful – then they will hide out in your body. Because you’re trapping them in there.

Those feelings will turn into physical pain, or anxiety, or depression, or just general grumpiness and disillusionment. Those feelings are actually the very thing that are blocking you from manifesting your miracle. Your flow is right underneath all those feelings you’re refusing to feel.

On the other hand, if you’re courageous and look your feelings in the face, and if you have tools to process them, they will be able to flow out of you. Your feelings won’t kill you. Feelings just want to be felt: recognized, expressed. So you can move the hell on. How do you do this? I can show you. Give me a call or send me a text and we’ll set up a Zoom to chat about it! Really, I’m at 917/426-5335. Let me know when is good for you.

By the way, it took four miserable years to keep trying and failing to have a baby my way. It took a little over one year to adopt my girl. What would happen if you stopped insisting and resisting, and started rolling with the Universe? What miracle is waiting in the wings while you look the other way?

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