August 31, 2023

Truth - Perfection does not equal excellence.

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If you’re like most perfectionists, you believe that perfection equals excellence. I used to think that too. (Recovering perfectionist here. I get you.)

But here is the truth:

Perfection does not equal excellence.

Perfection equals rejection. Almost all perfectionists have a subconscious (or even conscious) belief that if they fail to be perfect, they’ll be rejected.

Perfection equals living in anxiety – because what if you fail to be perfect? That could very well happen.

Perfection equals stuffing down fear – because no one can find out that you may be unqualified, you may make a mistake, you’re just an imposter here.

Perfection may equal insomnia or headaches or gut issues or just a constant feeling of low-level anxiety.

All told, perfection equals exhaustion.

Other people like it when you are a perfectionist!

Because when you demand perfection of yourself, you’re never there, no matter how fast you run. You keep moving the finish line. It’s just exhausting.

Complicating the issue, unlike some habits that annoy others – like constantly turning in sloppy or late work or being uncooperative and hard to work with – other people like when you’re a perfectionist.

Why? Because the more perfectionistic you are, the more convenient it is for them. At work, perfectionists go harder and longer with fewer complaints than anyone. What boss or colleague doesn’t love that?

And at home, perfectionists usually carry more than their share of household work and childcare. In friendships, perfectionists are the ones arranging get-togethers and making sure everyone is happy. (Perfectionism and peacemaking, which is keeping the peace at any price, usually go hand in hand.)

So, your colleagues and family and friends are unlikely to be the ones who ask you to address your perfectionism. This change needs to come from you, for you.

Let me help you transform your perfectionism habit.

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