Signs From the Universe

October 29, 2021

Signs from the Universe: do you believe in them?

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Signs from the Universe: do you believe in them?

Recently I saw two beautiful bright red dragonflies. I’d never seen red ones before. These two flew right near me, landed on a leaf for a while, then flew away. I immediately googled the meaning of red dragonflies. Transformation, nice — but through the death of something and the rebirth of something else.

So here’s the type of person I am: my mind reeled with fear. What would die? Who would suffer? My mom, my daughter, me? What would happen? How could I have an attitude of transformation rather than grieving? I got so worried that finally I told myself, “Look, you saw a couple of bugs. It’s very possible it didn’t mean anything at all.

”Yesterday, two red dragonflies FLEW INTO MY HOUSE. “Ok, Universe,” I said. “So it’s more than two bugs.” But I didn’t freak out. I waited. I chose faith over fear. I’m still not exactly sure what’s going to die, what’s going to begin anew. But I know the Universe has my back. The last time I saw an insect and felt like it had meaning, it was a butterfly that wouldn’t leave my hand for several long lovely minutes. It was just before I was thrown into horrible nerve pain that turned out to be advanced Lyme disease. It did feel like dying. And then, eventually, it felt like rebirth. The death of my idealism and perfectionism, the birth of my mature faith and deep acceptance. I don’t know what will transform this time.

Have you ever gotten signs from the Universe? How have you interpreted them? Tell me all about it ❤️💫!