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Living in the Even Though

So many healers try to convince people to create their own reality by ignoring negative thoughts or emotions or people. And that sounds cool. But here’s the catch: most people I know can’t do that. Most people I know live in a world where their families have crises, their jobs are very demanding, they have […]

Everything I Need To Know I Learned From My High School Basketball Coach

I was an academic, artistic, religious girl – not a sporty girl. I went out for the basketball team because my dad loved basketball and my brother was super good at basketball and it seemed like the thing to do.  I made the team — maybe because I was tall, maybe because almost everyone who […]

When Your Life Sucks, Know This:

So, life can really suck. I’m just saying that right up front because it’s true, so it’s where we need to start. Plus, I don’t want you to think — just because I believe we can transform our belief systems, our energy patterns, and our entire lives — that I don’t know that life can […]