The Missing Ingredient to Heal Your Life

April 6, 2024

Discover how something as simple as self-compassion can transform your life and relationships. Find out why compassion is the key to healing and growth. Join us as we explore the profound impact of compassion, starting with yourself, and witness how it ripples outward to shape a kinder, more understanding world. Dive in and let compassion

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Sometimes you can’t see something big because it’s too obvious. Sounds counterintuitive, but it happens all the time.

Hidden in Plain Sight

Once I was playing hide and seek with my kids and their friends. I stopped to answer a text and didn’t have time to find a good hiding spot by the time the little girl yelled out “Ready or not, here I come!” So I just sat down on the floor right beside the piano, figuring she’d feel good about finding me first. But she didn’t. She walked right by me.

She found the other kids, and all of them started looking for me. One after another, the kids ran by me, searching and searching. They simply didn’t look over by the piano. That was way too obvious; no one would hide there. I was hidden in plain sight.

What’s the thing you need?

What’s the thing that you need to heal your issues, your relationships, your life, that’s hidden in plain sight?

The missing ingredient to heal your life is compassion.

Compassion for yourself, which will trickle down and automatically transform to compassion for others.

And I know what you’re probably thinking right now, “Oh, come on. I don’t need compassion, I need self-discipline. I need love. I need a new career. I need my freaking soulmate already.”


But to attain all those things, you’ll need compassion for yourself first. Because without it, you’ll be your own worst enemy. You’ll be your own harshest critic. You’ll make yourself miserable. And misery is not a good starting point for healing.

Compassion for Yourself

Self-compassion helps you appreciate how much you’ve been through; how hard you’re trying.


  • allows you to drop the heavy load of self-loathing and resentment you feel so that you can actually see what’s happening and work on yourself.
  • is motivating.
  • encourages you to get up and try again, instead of giving up because you feel like “Why even bother? I’m so mean to myself anyway and I’ll probably just fail again.”

Self-compassion leads to compassion for others. As you continue to practice compassion for yourself, you’ll start thinking and feeling in a kinder, more open and expansive way. And almost magically, you’ll be more open and forgiving with others. You’ll understand their perspective instead of just your own.

Then you won’t be as reactive when others do something that used to make you feel angry or victimized. You’ll just see what they’re doing and react appropriately, not out of rage or contempt.

What the world needs now is…

What the world needs now is compassion, sweet compassion. Let it start with YOU.

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