January 7, 2024

Transform your manifesting approach in 2024! Move beyond writing goals and making vision boards. Join our free Zoom masterclass on Jan 19th, 12:30-2:00 pm ET, to discover the 4 default modes hindering your manifestations. Learn practical steps to break free and achieve your dreams. Don't just hope, manifest with purpose!

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Manifesting in 2024

Have you just completed an inspiring workshop about manifesting? Are you going to write your 2024 goals in a special little notebook or on a paper that you’re going to burn in your fireplace? Are you making a vision board for 2024?

I do those things and think you should too. Why? It’s important to know and state exactly what your dreams and goals are.

Do you stop there?

Most people stop there. Then do it again the next year. I used to do that, until I realized that after a certain point, my new year’s manifestations were largely interchangeable from one year to the next. I wasn’t crossing many things off; just rewriting them on a new sheet of paper.

Let’s be honest with ourselves. Admit that just telling the Universe what we want and asking the Universe to bring it to us is a great idea, but not nearly enough. It’s the first step but it’s not the last step. It’s not even the second step.

Our Greatest Obstacle is…

I finally figured out, from looking at my own patterns of thoughts and behavior and beliefs, and by looking at my clients’ patterns, WHY OUR MANIFESTATIONS KEPT NOT WORKING.

Instead of focusing solely on manifesting, let’s also honestly assess the obstacles between us and our goals. But they’re not the obstacles you’ve thought of before, the obstacles the world places in our path. They’re the very way we operate in the world.

Maybe you’ve felt it before but cast that aside because it seemed negative, & you’re trying to be positive. It’s true: Our greatest obstacle is ourselves. Our greatest obstacle is our own patterns of thinking that are so ingrained & natural that we don’t even notice them.

Default Modes of Thinking

We fall into 4 different default modes of thinking and acting that actually block our manifestations time and again.

I’ll admit that I most often fell into the victim mode. (“Why me? Why won’t they stop doing this to me? Why won’t the Universe do that for me?”) Others fall into the procrastinator, bypasser, or forcer modes. There are deep-seated reasons we tend toward different modes – our past, our beliefs, our genetics. We all can dip into each of the four modes of behaving at different times but we mostly default into one mode. Why is this important? Because if you finally see what you keep doing that stops you, you can change. There’s a fifth mode that actually supports you and allows you to finally achieve your goals and dreams. And there are ways of pulling yourself out of your destructive default mode and into that flow mode. I can tell you more about that.


There’s no magic incantation to get you there. It takes a little time; it takes a little effort; it takes a little support. But unlike just writing your goals on a piece of paper, IT WORKS.

Join me to discover…

Come discover the four default modes. Join our free Zoom masterclass on Friday, Jan 19th from 12:30-2:00 pm ET where I’ll sharing all my secrets to actually manifesting instead of just hoping to manifest.