1:1 Sessions

In your sessions, we start from where you are. And we give you what you need in order to go where you want to be.

How? Via our signature connect-convert-create process.

This is unlike anything you've tried before. And it transforms your life from the inside out.

Your session will look like this:

1) Intuitive Reading
You tell me what you want to change in your life. I intuitively read you, using my connection with Source to detect exactly what needs to be transformed in your life for you to move forward.

2) Connect
I teach you to actually feel your unalterable connection to the Source of love and power in the Universe via a powerful visualization. This in and of itself is pivotal and will change your day to day life!

3) Convert
We convert old negative belief systems and download you with new programs.

4) Create
You've probably tried quick fixes. Now it's time to create deep, real change and SUSTAIN it. I'll show you a very simple 6-minute movement routine that changes your emotional and physical energy patterns, and/or an easy tapping procedure to help transmute any stress or negative reactions. You'll use this tool every morning, or whenever you need it. And you'll finally create the life you long for.


This work is amazing! I can't wait to share it with you.

Click here to book your three session package.  If you want to really transform your whole life, click here for the eight-week spiritual coaching.  Want to chat first?  Click here to book a free Discovery Call.

Healing Package

3 session package
$150 each (total $450)

Spiritual Coaching Program

8 session package
$125 each (total $1,000)


Spiritual Coaching Goal Setting Session

Guiding you from overwhelm, anxiety, lack, and emotional/spiritual paralysis… to connection, alignment with purpose, equanimity, abundance, and joy via our Connect. Convert. Create process:

Connect to the Universe.

Convert old negative belief systems into supportive ones.

Create your life.


Program: 8-session one-on-one package (plus 45-minute initial Goals-Setting Session), all via Zoom
Bonus: personal email support between all sessions, 5-minute videos review of techniques after 3 sessions, 15-minute follow-up Zooms after selected sessions as needed, recommended reading list
Investment: $1000
Timing: 1 hour/week over 8 weeks or 1 hour/every 2 weeks over 4 months, your choice!
Please note: Weeks with major holidays may delay a session by a week


The Spiritual Coaching Program is individually tailored to the needs and goals of each client – yet there is some structure.

We begin by determining your pain points and goals. We then address your individual needs utilizing energy tools. You will experience Tara’s sustained transformative intuitive work, diving deep into when and why any patterns holding you back originated and resolving them.

You will also learn some of these tools yourself. The effectiveness of the program is partly due to the ongoing work with Tara, partly due to the amazing efficacy of the energy tools used, and partly due to the ongoing integration of these practices into your life. These energy tools are easy to learn and practice.

Energy tools utilized include:

  • ThetaHealing®
  • EFT tapping
  • Donna Eden Energy Medicine
  • Meditation.

Common areas of focus include family relationships, soulmate relationships, relationship with Source/Universe, trusting one’s own intuition, anxiety, health and body issues, abundance, career, manifesting, and/or purpose.

Find a few minutes to yourself, quiet your mind, connect with your intuition, and ask your higher self if this program is the right choice to transform your life and bring you leaps and bounds ahead in your journey.

If the answer is YES, ABSOLUTELY, GO… then welcome!

Please note: Full program payment is required to book.

If you have a few questions first, great!

Please email tara@beyondyourbelief.com or set up a free 15-minute Zoom with Tara below!



Have a few questions before booking?
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“Tara’s sessions provided me with sudden and surprising results. Now I have a clear access to my creative powers that I never had before, and I have a 30-year career as an artist.”

—JS, New York City

“Tara’s ability to identify and peel away beliefs that weren’t serving me, and replace them with truths that DO serve me, has resulted in the almost complete disappearance of a depression that has haunted me since my teens.”

—PT, New York

“Tara guided me to release negative belief systems about my ex-boyfriend and myself. I would have had to go through months of daily perseverance and persistence to do what Tara was able to do in a matter of minutes.”

—RS, New York

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