Group Coaching with Tara Greenway - coming soon!


A 6-month group program for you if

  • you have gifts to share with the world but haven't stepped into them powerfully
  • you long for deeper connection with your partner or circle of friends (or if you’re searching for your partner or inner circle).
  • you feel frustrated or anxious or depleted, because you’re constantly giving to others but not receiving what you need.

Emerge will enable you to finally break through your blocks. You’ll transform beliefs that hold you back from doing your soul’s work, change misaligned energy patterns, find the freedom of having boundaries, and discover new ways to navigate anxiety or frustration.

You’ll be provided with expert guidance and inspired teaching as well as a community of supportive, like-minded people.

Emerge includes:

  • A monthly 90-minute group training session via Zoom, focusing on specific challenges and how to overcome them
  • A monthly 60-minute group integration session via Zoom the following week to dive into any challenges or questions about applying that month’s teachings
  • Three private 60-minute one-on-one sessions (via Zoom or in person in NYC if possible) during the 6 months
  • Membership in a private Facebook page to connect, share, and support

All teaching and sessions will be led by Tara Greenway and will provide an inspiring and safe container for transformation. Limited to 10 amazing participants.

Are you ready to dive deep, find your flow, and finally… emerge?

Or text or call me with any questions at 917-426-5335

Personalized Workshops

Discover how your beliefs create your reality, where the energetic interplays with the physical, and how to begin to transform your life or your community.

Through The Beyond Your Belief Process, you can…

Change the most common limiting beliefs in a group
Alter brain wave patterns and elevate mood
Shift gene expression, optimizing the way you
operate in the world
Lower heart rate, regulating the nervous system
Reduce cortisol and adrenaline levels, decreasing
Increase creativity, focus, and memory

You’ll walk away with evidence-based tools you can use on a daily basis to change your ingrained thought and energy patterns, so you feel different and show up differently.
Personalized Workshops
Beyond Your Belief workshops can shift the culture in…

Schools and afterschool programs
Therapy centers
Acting classes
Women’s groups
Religious organizations

Explore sample workshops below.

Sample Signature Workshops

Each experience can be customized to the needs of the group.

Legs Of Stylish Teen Friends, standing at concrete wall, panorama, empty space

Youth Workshop

This workshop is for students, faculty, staff, or parents of K-12 schools, afterschool programs, summer camps, or other youth organizations.

Tara will share simple tools to lower anxiety and stress, and help kids and adults overcome negative thoughts and beliefs.

We’ll pinpoint these beliefs and transform them, so kids can learn in a supportive environment, and adults can do their jobs with more joy. 

Kids and adults will walk away with easy energy tools they can use whenever they feel stressed or anxious. 

The tools taught are non-invasive, researched techniques like mindfulness meditation, visualization, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) tapping, Eden Energy work, and ThetaHealing®.

The exercises are dynamic and fun for kids as well as adults, providing an accessible, safe container for emotions.

A few of the beliefs you can move beyond in this workshop include…

For kids:

“I’m not good at school.”

“I should be perfect.”

“My teachers are against me.”

“Other kids don’t like me.”

“I’m going to fail.”

For adults:

“I have to fix this for everyone.”

“No one listens to me.”

“It’s impossible for me to achieve my purpose.”

“My life is a constant struggle.”

“I’m completely overwhelmed.”

CEU’s are available for adult workshops.

Click here to contact us for more information, available dates, and rates.

Having positive funny conversation over mobile phone, close-up, portrait.
Having positive funny conversation over mobile phone, close-up, portrait.

Power Workshop for Women

If you want to rise above patterns of sacrifice, smallness, and scarcity, this workshop will show you how to reclaim your freedom and autonomy through practical tools you can use every day. We’ll dive deep into why women tend to evade their natural right to power, financial abundance, true love, and respect. 

You’ll feel your natural connection to the Universe, instead of grasping for wisps of it. You’ll walk away with everyday tools to stay in your power, and in the flow of the Universe, abundance, and love.

Here are a few of the beliefs you can move beyond in this Workshop…

“I have to sacrifice myself to be successful, or to be a good mom.”

“It would be selfish of me to negotiate a higher salary.”

“When I’m really successful, others get jealous and attack me.”

“My fears protect me and guide me in love.”

“I have to choose between being wealthy and being a good person.”

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Top view of meeting room blur background, business Meeting Conference, Team learning concept.
Top view of meeting room blur background, business Meeting Conference, Team learning concept.

Religious Organization Workshop

As people of Christian, Jewish, Muslim, or other faiths, we already know that the most important aspect of our lives is our connection to our Creator.

Yet sometimes, no matter how strong your theology or faith, your connection might feel wobbly.

Even as a strong believer who grew up in a religious community, I’ve experienced disconnection and confusion around my relationship with the Divine.

Through somatic, active methods of connecting with the Divine each day – even in the midst of chaos, division, or anxiety – we can become unwavering.

This workshop respects all faiths and helps clear any guilt or heaviness surrounding the Divine, family dynamics, and congregational dynamics.

Using concrete tools, together we’ll remember how we can integrate our faith into our daily lives.

A few of the beliefs you can move beyond in this workshop include…

“I have to feel guilty to connect with God.”
“I have to suffer to learn.”
“I am far from God because of all my sins and mistakes.”
“I am better than other people because of my religious beliefs.”
“The world is going to hell in a handbasket; there’s no hope these days.”

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Do you have a group of people who need this work?

Text or call me with any questions at 914-430-2234

for more information, available dates, and rates.

“Tara’s manifesting class was transformative for me. I smoothly entered back into the workforce in a new market, earning double what I had before.”

—JS, New York City

“I see my 3-day workshop with Tara Greenway as a turning point for my past year and my life.”

—DS, New York

“Tara’s workshop was packed with information, but very laid-back, fun and hands-on. Our class really bonded over the course of the long weekend, practicing with each other and laughing a lot. I received this powerful tool of healing and self-exploration!”

—AS, New York

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