ways to work with me…

If you’re asking yourself…

How can I feel less anxiety and more joy?
How can I stop repeating the same crappy relationships?
How can I go from barely scraping by to living abundantly?
How can I feel less disconnected from God?

Then it’s time to connect, convert, create.

Connect to the Source of unconditional love.

Convert old negative belief systems to new supportive belief systems.

Create your new life with easy energy tools and other positive practices.

Get inspired by Tara's signature talk, The Pain of Positive Thinking.

"I had awful panic attacks. Working with Tara lifted my burdens and damaging core beliefs incredibly quickly, and I've maintained a rhythm of belonging and peace ever since."

—AR, New York City

“Before coming to Tara Greenway, I suffered from autoimmune thyroid disease, chronic sinus infections, and confusing mood swings. After several sessions with Tara, my sinus infections are a thing of the past, my thyroid disease is steadily improving, and I feel much more balance and joy in my life.”

—LP, New York

“After 3 EFT sessions with Tara, I experienced a deep myofascial release and the back pain I’d had for 18 months improved drastically, I’d say by about 80%… even my physical therapist asked me what I did that caused such a sudden difference.”

—DV, Chicago

Work With Me

Receptor cells throughout your nervous system are always vibrating. When you change their vibration through the reprogramming process, you change the flow of neuropeptides.

When you change the flow of neuropeptides, you change your vibration, and you operate differently in the world…

You feel genuinely good in your body and mind.
Your relationships are supportive and nourishing.
You step into the flow of financial abundance.
Your work reflects your life purpose, and you’re finally at peace.

Here is where you can release old energy patterns and beliefs that have been holding you back.