Emerge - Group Coaching with Tara Greenway

Join Emerge, a 6-month group coaching program led by Tara Greenway.

Overcome obstacles, embrace abundance, and grow personally with expert guidance and a supportive community.

Emerge as a stronger, happier, and more fulfilled you!

Emerge Are you ready to dive deep, find your flow, and finally… emerge? 6-month group coaching container

Who is Emerge for?

Emerge, a 6-month group coaching container is for you if you feel frustrated, anxious, or depleted because you know you want abundance, love, and success, but you just haven’t gotten there yet.

Tara Greenway leading an energy workshop

It's for you if . . . 

you’re constantly giving to others but not receiving the emotional or financial abundance you want and deserve.

It's for you if . . . 

you have gifts to share with the world but haven’t stepped into them powerfully.

It's for you if . . . 

you long for deeper connection with your partner or circle of friends (or if you’re searching for your partner or inner circle).

Emerge will enable you to finally break through what's blocking you from your goals.

Together we will


beliefs that hold you back from doing your soul’s work


how to rise above procrastination and perfectionism


the freedom of having healthy boundaries


new ways to navigate anxiety, doubt, and frustration...and more!

You will be provided with expert, intuitive guidance and inspired teaching, as well as a community of supportive, like-minded people.

Emerge includes:

A monthly 15- to 20-minute training video to watch on your own

A 60-minute group training session via Zoom, focusing on specific challenges and how to overcome them

A monthly 60-minute group integration session via Zoom the following week to dive into any challenges or questions about applying that month’s teachings

Two private 60-minute one-on-one sessions (via Zoom or in person in NYC if possible) during the 6 months

Membership in a WhatsApp group to connect, share, and support

Buddy Connects - optional 30-minute weekly or biweekly check-in with another Emerge member via text, phone or Zoom.

All teaching and sessions will be led by Tara Greenway and will provide an inspiring and safe container for transformation.

Emerge Are you ready to dive deep, find your flow, and finally… emerge? 6-month group coaching container

Are you ready to dive deep, find your flow, and finally… emerge?

Have any questions? Book a Get Unstuck Zoom here to talk! Or just jump in and register with the PayPal button below.


Fee: $2100 ($600 initial deposit & $300/month for 5 months)

Click on the PayPal button to make your initial deposit of $600.  Don't delay! This amazing container only holds 10 people.

“Tara’s manifesting class was transformative for me. I smoothly entered back into the workforce in a new market, earning double what I had before.”

—JS, New York City

“I see my 3-day workshop with Tara Greenway as a turning point for my past year and my life.”

—DS, New York

“Tara’s workshop was packed with information, but very laid-back, fun and hands-on. Our class really bonded over the course of the long weekend, practicing with each other and laughing a lot. I received this powerful tool of healing and self-exploration!”

—AS, New York

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